To you who are tired・・・・
A reclining room is available at the healing café.


11: 00-14: 00

60 minutes per person 1 room


1 cup of coffee

Amazing health benefits you can get with a 15-minute nap

A good 15-minute nap will not only increase your memory by up to 5 times, but it will also have various health benefits. Amazing health benefits you can get with a nap

After eating lunch, an eyelid coming down soon. Would you like to lie down a bit and have no hope, Itoushijo? Suppose that taking a nap well helps us to become healthy. From the health benefits of a nap to the normal way! Healthy life white paper prepared.

Nap health benefits, improved memory

According to the research results of researchers in Saarland, Germany, a good nap increases memory up to 5 times. This is because the “pure spindle”, a specific brain wave that strengthens memory, becomes active during the nap. That's because this brain wave helps to organize the information that the brain learned anew during nap sleep.

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