Offering a practical and optimal rest space at an affordable price with simple, clean and state-of-the-art equipment.


Reservation notes

Please make a reservation only if you agree to the precautions.

If you are under 18 years old (including high school), you cannot use our shop under the regulations of Fukuoka Prefecture.
In addition, please note that you cannot use even if you are accompanied by a guardian.

Please make a reservation on the day by phone.
In case of cancellation, please be sure to call or contact us.

Phone number: +81 (0) 92-292-3591
Inquiry form:

The customer's phone number should be a number that can be reached on the day of use and the day before the date of use. (Cell phones, etc.)

If you have email reception settings, please allow emails from the domain "@".

* Confirmation emails may not be delivered when using free emails such as mobile phone emails, Yahoo !, AOL, and hotmail. Please note.

Please note that cancellation fees may be charged if canceled (cancellation of reservation).
・ Cancellation up to the previous day: None
・ Cancellation on the day: 50% of the usage fee
・ Not used: 100% of the usage fee on the first day of usage

If the check-in time is over 1 hour or if you do not plan to use it, please contact the store in advance. If you do not see it without contact, or if you cancel after check-in time is more than 1 hour, you will be charged the specified cancellation fee.